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SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 16 (Xinhua) -- A car plowed into a Chinatown bus stop in San Francisco in west coast city of the United States Friday afternoon, injuring 10 people.

San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) posted a series of messages on its Twitter social media account showing the scene at Sacramento and Stockton streets.

Of those injured in the incident, seven were reportedly taken to the hospital, five were listed in serious conditions at San Francisco General Hospital.

San Francisco Supervisor Aaron Peskin was quoted by NBC Bay Area News as saying that he was in the area and helped load a woman with apparently seriously injuries into the ambulance.

As shown in Twitter postings by SFPD and San Francisco Fire Department (SFFD), the vehicle, a Toyota sedan, was at the crushed bus shelter on the sidewalk on Stockton Street.

Police said the driver, a woman, remained at the scene and was cooperating with the investigation.

The other housemates are extremely tense watching them fighting as well as for sure we’re so excited to be aware what would be the outcome of those fighting they’d. This time Jordan 1 Womens For Sale , Snooki becomes hysterical over her relationship despairs that made the other girls interfere. Ron and Sam make an effort to patch some misconception and with each one of these stressing stuff that happened, Pauly and Vinny put on a “guido-theme” comedy show.

It had been very stressing watching that previous episode 5 “And the Wall Won” for Ron and Mike hit one another because of the conflicts that got larger and larger. These made other housemates very scared for Mike bump his head on the wall and wound up about the hospital.

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Ronnie and also the Situation’s tense friendship finally reaches its breaking point after Ron is spotted destroying The Situation’s bed following an argument. Sammi, Deena and Snooki enter tears as Ronnie bodyslams The Sitch and bodyguards attempt to tear the two apart. Don’t miss this episode at its new special time!

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