Complete installation of mechanism sand production line

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Complete installation of mechanism sand production line

Messagepar kathryn » Ven 11 Mai 2018, 05:16

For a sand production line, there are many kinds of equipment, such as sand making machine, vibrating feeder, jaw crusher and so on. So the installation of this line is the installation of these different equipment, and the connection between them, so the installation of the production process is relatively troublesome, but the installation is good for its subsequent use process, it has a serious impact, so the process of installation is very important, here is the To analyze the problem of how to make the production line of machine sand intact.

First, we will analyze the equipment included in the process, including vibratory feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher or counterattack crusher, sand machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor, so it is necessary for each product to be used for the installation of this mechanism sand production line. Check to see if there is a problem of missing parts. If this problem arises, it should be dealt with in a timely manner.

Secondly, when the number of equipment parts in the mechanism sand production line is not lacking, the process is installed in a certain order when installation, for example, the vibration feeder in the process must be in front of the jaw crusher, so as to complete the feeding operation, and the broken equipment in the process, It must be installed before the sand making machine, and the material can be processed into the size of the particle that can be processed by the crushing equipment. This process can be carried out smoothly.

Again, it is to fix the screws of each equipment in the production line of the mechanism sand production line, to prevent the sloshing in production, whether the connection between different parts and components is firm, there is no foreign body, whether the electric motor wiring is correct, and the inspection of these aspects is very important to the production of the equipment, it is very important, and it is reduced. Failure appears, the important condition of improving the flat efficiency;

The article mainly introduces how the mechanism sand production line can be well installed. For this problem, we have introduced from three aspects, mainly for the number of parts, the importance of the installation order analysis, and after the installation of the inspection work, these aspects of the stable operation of the equipment. It has a very important influence, so the installation link must be emphasized.
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